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The Soundman2020 Recording Studio Design Forum is intended for people who want to design, build, or treat their own acoustic space. This includes home recording studios, home theaters, home audiophile listening rooms, as well as other rooms and buildings that need good acoustics (but generally have lousy acoustics!), such as churches, restaurants, gymnasiums, school halls, office meeting rooms, board rooms, canteens, and any other enclosed space that has a need to sound good.

The forum is meant to be a "self help" resource, where members can find abundant, solid, useful, detailed, yet easy-to-understand information about designing, building, and acoustic treatment for their rooms, as well as numerous threads where other members have documented their own processes. The forum is free to use for members, and advertising is forbidden: the operating costs are paid for entirely by the owner / operator / administrator.

Members can show their appreciation for the forum and the information provided, by using the "Donate" button, located at the bottom edge of the title image on each page:


The forum operator and administrator also offers consulting and design services, for those people who need individual assistance with their projects. Feel free to contact "Soundman2020" by PM (Private Message) if you need this service. (Its not as expensive as you might think!)

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