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Hello from NYS


Postby jupiterboy » Wed, 2021-Mar-31, 21:32

I've been reading threads here and yet again am revisiting my 2-chan listening space. I've worked with several pieces of software over the years and recently started struggling with the same old concerns—being stuck in the worst room I've ever had my gear in.

After a trial run this afternoon I'm able to get consistent results, but have yet to get a calibration profile for my mic. Maybe in the next few months.

Anyway, I won't be bringing in great work experience or knowledge, but I hope to get some help in coming to grips with:

1.) What is reasonable to expect in my space in terms of improvement.

2.) What treatments would have the most impact given little space.

3.) What unconventional methods of modeling can yield usable results.

More soon. ;)

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