John Sayers: Very Sad News

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby Soundman2020 » Wed, 2021-Sep-22, 21:40

It is with great sadness that I just learned that John Sayers has passed away.


Many of you knew John, or have visited his forum ( ), or have surely heard of him, so I thought it pertinent to mention his passing here. I'm still trying to process this, as I just learned about it a few minutes ago. I knew him fairly well, but only on-online (not in person), as I was the administrator of his forum for many years, before starting this one. I was always impressed by his great knowledge and expertise in acoustics, but also by his willingness to share that with others.

The world has lost one of the greatest studio designers ever, and a generous man who freely shared his broad knowledge and great experience of acoustics, recording, and producing, on his forum and in private. I learned so much from him over the years, and greatly admired him as a studio designer.

it is a truly sad day for the music industry around the world.

There is a little more information here, published by his stepson: ... 9433730697

Feel free to add your own comments below, here on this thread, if you wish.

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby mysticmonk » Thu, 2021-Sep-23, 01:32

RIP John Sayers, a true legend and maverick in the music/recording universe !

I send my sincerest condolences to his loved ones and close friends. His forum was a beacon of light that emerged in the dark ages (early 2000s) where snake oil acoustics ruled the day and pro designers hoarded any knowledge on the subject like misers hiding their gold. But John was different and a true class act.. He will never be forgotten, and his website contains a treasure trove of knowledge that must never be lost !

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby Wheresthedug » Fri, 2021-Sep-24, 06:48

That is very sad news indeed. Although I never knew him I spent many hours learning from his forum.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to all his family and friends at this difficult time.

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby victorr_sun » Fri, 2021-Sep-24, 18:36

Wow, RIP to John. Blessed to have stumbled into the wealth of knowledge he's helped to provide over the years.

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby endorka » Sun, 2021-Sep-26, 08:09

RIP John. He certainly made his mark on the world of acoustics, there must be many thousands of us who have benefited from his experience and generosity with it.


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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby Guit-picker » Sun, 2021-Sep-26, 18:01

I too am saddened by John's passing. :-(
I had poured through his manual and later years on his forum before starting my own project. If not for him personally and a few others on the forum, my studio would not have happened. They patiently bore me for 7 years! John actually HANDED me his Hemholtz resinator bass trap design for the back of my room, which got attention around the world on the forum! Thank you, John Sayers for your help and Rest in Peace!

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby Dr Space » Tue, 2021-Sep-28, 07:46

Wow.... I have spent countless hours reading and learning from his forum (and a lot of your posts, Stuart)... a great loss for the world of studio building for sure...

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby htownholdin » Wed, 2021-Oct-20, 23:31

Sorry for your loss. I'd lurked his forum for years and finally signed up for an account... and learned he'd passed only a few days prior. So I never got a chance to thank him for sharing his knowledge but he certainly lives on through his contributions. And anyone who shares that many secrets just to help others is a good person in my book. He'll be missed

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby AlexisHawthorneTZlq » Fri, 2021-Oct-29, 10:52

So sad :(

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby DrumLad » Fri, 2021-Nov-12, 05:42

Hi Stuart,

I left a message on John Sayers official site also for you guys - but wanted to message you personally - as I believe you are my guy!........

I'm really glad that you guys have decided to carry on with John's work and continue his great Legacy.

What an absolute Gentlemen he was, a true inspiration, an innovator and absolute creative.

I myself had just officially engaged John to design my studio just before his passing. I emailed and spoke to John on a lot of topics and our last conversation was about a week before he suddenly died.

John had told me that he had my entire studio designed and ready to go, but unfortunately we have not been able to find any of his plans.

So I was hoping that I could reach out to you guys and continue the discussion for the official design, which I am hoping we can get done pretty soon.

Looking forward to hearing back - I can go into more detail from there.

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John Sayers: Very Sad News


Postby Purelythemusic » Mon, 2021-Nov-15, 20:17

Oh Boy, that is a shock and a great loss.

Thanks to his dedication many many people around the world will be thinking amd understanding sound differently. His dedication to the truth in acoustics has helped and will continue to help everyone who is willing to learn. What a legacy.

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