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Members and Spammers


Postby Soundman2020 » Fri, 2020-Jan-31, 16:15

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm well aware of the spammer epidemic on the Forum recently.

You probably have not have noticed, since the spam counter-measures are working rather well so no spam ever appears on the forum, but there are quite a few "members" on the forum that are only here with the intention of spamming. Probably just bots. They are all glaringly obvious, as soon as they register... unless maybe there's been a huge explosion in the home studio music industry in the Ukraine over the past few weeks... and all of it headed by people with names like "frcbymirfBlilmVah", "vbfqksxBlilmVah", "vbyfBlilmVah", "vfhktczBlilmVah".... I guess the BlilmVah family from the Ukraine must be intent on cornering the market in their country! :) So many of them have registered!

But anyway, I will be cleaning up that mess in the not too distant future. But not yet: first, I'm letting them accumulate a good bunch of IP addresses and other info, so it will be simple to ban and delete them all at once, as well as blocking them eternally so they can't come back. The anti-spam measures are learning all about them, making it dead easy to prevent them from ever joining again in the future.

So, you might see a sudden reduction in membership on the forum over the next few weeks.... but it's not because real members are leaving! It's just me, taking out the trash.

I wanted to let you all know in advance, in case you got worried if you happen to notice a few dozen members all disappear at once.

- Stuart -

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