Forum (minor) Server Upgrade!

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Forum (minor) Server Upgrade!


Postby Soundman2020 » Fri, 2020-Nov-06, 13:08

For the last few days, the forum server has been shutting down occasionally for no apparent reason, and leaving no clues in the logs. This morning I managed to trace it to a faulty power supply. So the server just got a nice shiny new power supply! Higher capacity, and with better cooling. And quieter, too!

So... sorry if your connections and sessions have been interrupted lately, or if you tried to log in and the server was down! :shock: :cen: Hopefully, that should not happen any more, and the server should now stay on-line 24/7.

I'm also planning a complete server replacement, as soon as I can afford it, then the old server will remain as a secondary fail-safe. to improve reliability even more (and speed too). But that's still a few weeks away, probably: new servers are kinda expensive, and this whole Covid-19 thing has reduced cash-flow. But as soon as I can, I'll get the new server.

- Stuart -

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