Studio HVAC: All about mini-split systems, HRV's and ERV's.

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Studio HVAC: All about mini-split systems, HRV's and ERV's.


Postby Pequod » Wed, 2021-Oct-06, 12:23

This has been a really informative thread. One other question if you don't mind - of the "devil in the details" variety.

I attached a video of a standard minisplit installation as an example. Just watching that, I'm trying to figure out how one would seal two holes in a double wall from the line set without trashing the isolation.

My guess is that you would do the following:

Wrap the line set tightly with electrical tape,
Drill the two holes offset from each other by a few feet.
Bend the line set accordingly (very carefully as some of these are kink-able copper lines).
Weave it through both holes somehow -- this seems like the hardest part, given that there is a bunch of insulation in the wall too.
Seal both holes with caulk or putty.

Do I have that right? It seems like you still wouldn't have a tight seal after all that, due to the multiple lines bound together. Small airgaps inside the line set would be unavoidable. Also, if you ever had problems with this minisplit in the future, you might never get it out of the wall. Finally, it seems pretty unlikely you would ever find an HVAC tech who would take the time to do it this way. DIY seems unavoidable.

Perhaps I'm overthinking this. Is there a better way? It seems just about everyone is doing minisplits in the room these days.

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Studio HVAC: All about mini-split systems, HRV's and ERV's.


Postby gullfo » Fri, 2021-Oct-08, 09:55

use a decoupled conduit (S shape if you will) to provide the offset path between the walls. use this method for plumbing (like the refrigerant lines), audio wiring, etc. this is installed during the build so not need to chop things up later. once you route things through your conduits, seal the ends with putty pads.

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