Which room to choose?

All about acoustics. This is your new home if you already have a studio or other acoustic space, but it isn't working out for you, sounds bad, and you need to fix it...

Which room is better?

Square Room
Vaulted Ceiling Room
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Which room to choose?


Postby Krakadon » Thu, 2021-Oct-28, 21:48

Hi. So sorry to hear about John. Glad to see Soundman2020 has a forum though. He helped me out a few years ago.

I'm moving my studio into a house and I have two room available to me for my new studio. Neither are very good. One is a typical square bedroom, but decent size, 14'x~13'x~9'. The other is a larger bedroom with more square feet and cubic feed due to a vaulted ceiling but a really weird geometry.

Both rooms are carpeted and I don't have funds to change it so I was thinking to layout qty 3 4'x8'x3/4" pieces of MDF and covering that with a 8'x12' piece of vinyl floor remnant.

I have some acoustic treatments in my current room I'll move with but for the most part it is lots of traps with OC703.[img][img][/img][/img]

I'm assuming the room with the vaulted ceiling/bigger volume is better. Is this correct? Which room would be better?

Obviously I need to measure the rooms but I can't do that till everything arrives and at that point I'll have a space crunch...
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Which room to choose?


Postby Starlight » Fri, 2021-Oct-29, 03:04

Hello Krakadon and welcome.

Symmetry from the listening position forward is important in a control room so I suggest using your smaller room as the control room and the larger room as the live room, where the room's shape will give a palette of acoustic opportunities because symmetry in a live room is not a requirement.

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Which room to choose?


Postby Krakadon » Fri, 2021-Nov-05, 03:34

Thanks, great suggestion. I only get the one though.

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Which room to choose?


Postby gullfo » Sun, 2021-Nov-21, 15:36

the lower drawing "dev's room" would be the good choice

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