Let's review my room

All about acoustics. This is your new home if you already have a studio or other acoustic space, but it isn't working out for you, sounds bad, and you need to fix it...
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Let's review my room


Postby Mr.vybz » Sun, 2020-Nov-29, 05:16

Hello Everyone, It's been awhile that I said I would post my room progress, almost a year lol, life sometimes.

I did my own DIY construction of building Panels and whatnot, we can get to the details later but i want to share my .mdat from REW of my process so far.

I haven't figured out a way to build a cloud on the rental property, but I need to because I believe it's holding me back to a fully balance sweet spot.


Here are some details & Pictures!!!!

Speaker information:
JBL 308p with matching 310s Subwoofer
Placed 6ft apart
34 inches from the ground
46 1/2 inches from ground to tweeter
39 inches from ground to woofer
43 1/2 inches from ground to between tweeter and woofer (Middle)
Ear height is 43 1/2 inches from ground to middle of ear
50 inches from middle of speaker to the middle of ear
Isolate It!: 1" Sorbothane No-Stain Hemisphere Bumper Non-Skid Feet 50 Duro with Adhesive - 8 Pack
Adjustable Speaker Stands

Sub information:
1 1/2 in from the ground
3 1/2 in from the front wall
1inch away from right speaker

Mic information:
From Left wall 51 1/2 in
From Right wall 57 in
From front wall 5ft
From back wall 82 in
Ceiling to mic 491/2 in
Floor to mic 47 1/2 in
70° angle mic position

Room info
11' 7'' Length 139in
9' Width 108in
8' 2" Height 98in

Absorption Math (I used this to calculate how much insulation I needed to buy)
Two longest walls & Ceiling length 34 feet 9 inches
Two small walls length 16 feet
Together area length is 50 feet 9 inches
Total width is 41 feet

Absorption Types:
Rockwool ComfortBatt R28
Rockwool Roxul Safe 45
Rockwool Comfortboard 80
Fairfield Polyester Batting, White

Black Burlap Fabric, one massive roll
Sheets from bedding (testing locations)

Various other tools & materials:
Wood Screws
Metal L-Braces/Flat Clips
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Table Saw
Hand Drill
Measuring Tape
Used the Garage for space to build

Pics (Custom Designs by Yours Truly)
My Meals for the next 6months lol.jpg
My Meals for the next 6months lol

Absorption Ideas.jpg
Absorption Ideas

Back of room.jpg
Back of room

Front of room.jpg
Front of room

Front of room 2.jpg
Front of room 2

Fresh Batter.jpg
Fresh Batter

Fresh Batter 2.jpg
Fresh Batter 2

Side panel assembly.jpg
Side panel assembly

Wood assembly

Building Panels 3

Building Panels 5

Panels 1
Speaker Showcase.jpg
Speaker Showcase
Mic dropped .jpg
Mic dropped
Back Panel Side.jpg
Back Panel Side
Back Panel Side 2.jpg
Back Panel Side 2
Laser room.jpg
Laser room
Full Results with Baseline.mdat
Nov.29, 2020
(28.52 MiB) Downloaded 84 times
Full Results with Baseline.mdat
Nov.29, 2020
(28.52 MiB) Downloaded 84 times

A dead room? Hmm that sounds like a coffin, I prefer to have my control room dry.

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