Gotham 59 Catalog

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Gotham 59 Catalog


Postby Avare » Fri, 2020-Feb-28, 07:03

Some people like to discuss old equipment. In addition to 1959 prices, there are at least 3 microphones in the catalog that are still in production!
Gotham 59 Catalog.pdf
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Gotham 59 Catalog.pdf
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Gotham 59 Catalog


Postby Soundman2020 » Thu, 2020-Mar-05, 13:34

Thanks, Andre!

Many engineers swear by old gear, and in many cases, rightfully so. There's just something about the "classics" that man modern mics don't seem to be able to capture.

One of my prized mics is actually in that catalog! A classic U-47. I love the way it sounds, especially on drums. Unfortunately mine is the U-47fet version, not the original U-47a, but I still love it.

The page I liked most in that catalog, is this one:


I sure do wish you could get a U-47 for just 350 bucks today... :shock:

- Stuart -

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