The Soundman M1 Studio Desk

Desks, couches, racks, speaker stands, drum risers, mic cabinets, and all the other internal stuff that studios need.
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The Soundman M1 Studio Desk


Postby Soundman2020 » Tue, 2020-Jul-21, 12:16

I originally designed this desk quite a few years ago, and I've adapted it for several studios since.

It's an acoustically low-profile desk for control rooms, that tries to present as small of an acoustic obstacle as possible, while also being compact and versatile, as well as relatively easy to build for the DIY home studio builder. It has plenty of rack gear space, most of which is easily accessible from the mix position: 12 RU on the sloped upper modules (6 on each side), 28 RU on the front faces of the legs (14 on each side), and another 18 RU around the back (9 on each side). Total rack unit space: 58 RU (and could be 62 at a pinch). That's about one and a half full size equipment racks: more than enough for the majority of studios!

One caveat: some of those rack spaces are not very deep, due to the angled faces, and also possible clashes between front and rear mounted gear, but with careful planning you can get a lot of gear in there.

The "low profile" part is in the openness: there's lots of places for air (and therefore sound) to get through, including perforated metal panels (rack blank style) or grills for the rear covers and also part of the desk surface, as well as in the side panels of the legs. There's also a cable tray that runs across the back, with room for running plenty of cables across, between the two rack legs.

Low profile also means that everything is kept down as low as possible, so it won't get in the way of the direct sound from the speakers to your ears. Or rather, it interferes as little as possible. The gear racks on the top surface of the desk are tilted steeply for the same reason: no reflections from speakers to ears. But the angle is still high enough that the gear in those racks can be seen, reached, and operated comfortably. There are no shelves on top of this desk (a stupid idea for a control room desk!), and no vertical stacked rack gear. The computer monitors are also positioned to help a little with floor bounce.

Its my own proprietary design, but it's OK for FORUM MEMBERS to use it as inspiration for their own desk designs. Note: FORUM MEMBERS ONLY! This is not a free-for-all. If you are not a forum member, but want to use this idea for your own desk, then at least do us the courtesy of joining up with the forum and introducing yourself (in the "Green Room" section of the forum).

The design can easily be modified for most typical home-studio consoles and other typical desk gear, and for most rooms.

And if you do use it to design your own desk, it would be nice if you give me credit for that somehow, mentioning on your website and to anyone who asks, that it is a Soundman design! (The "donate" button is also available, to show your appreciation...)

Now, if you want the actual complete 3D model, complete with dimensions, angles, and materials, then I do off that for a fee. I can also customize the desk for your own console and room.

(There's also a matching stand-alone rack module, if you need even more gear space in the same design...)

- Stuart -

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The Soundman M1 Studio Desk


Postby SoWhat » Tue, 2020-Jul-21, 12:59

Greetings Stuart,

Very nice design indeed.

But I must admit, the name of your desk had me a bit nervous, as I thought it might include this to deal with the never-ending requests for "more me":


(a WWII M1 if you're playing along at home)

All the best,


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