website issues

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website issues


Postby 1970428scj » Thu, 2023-Sep-14, 17:33

Is this site going online and offline?

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website issues


Postby eightamrock » Mon, 2023-Sep-18, 13:30

I have a similar issue on that I run. Usually coincides with when bots start crawling the site for updates.

Im 90% certain thats what happens here as well.

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website issues


Postby gullfo » Tue, 2023-Sep-19, 09:58

i think Stuart uses the server for other projects (rendering etc) which can increase the load, but also this forum software has some limitations and thats why you see the db issues and/or corrupt files. certainly bot scales can impact the site but you can also restrict the common ones fairly easily in most software or system settings (like network firewall quotas etc)

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