Attic Shaped Studio

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Attic Shaped Studio


Postby ericwisgikl » Tue, 2021-Jun-08, 10:21

Congratulations Jennifer!

I can't wait to see your monitors flush mounted.

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Attic Shaped Studio


Postby garethmetcalf » Tue, 2021-Jun-08, 17:45

Great work! Glad the new rear traps have had such an obvious impact. On to the next!!


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Attic Shaped Studio


Postby endorka » Fri, 2021-Jun-11, 10:00

Thank you chaps. I'm currently taking a bit of a break after the epic work of the last few months, after which it will be time to catch up with some music work :jammin: Then soffits and cloud. Surely those will be simpler than what has just been done. I even have one of those Sakertool gadgets to cut the soffit baffle for round the Genelecs. Can't wait :yahoo:


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