Up All Nite Studio - 2022 [Control Room]

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Up All Nite Studio - 2022 [Control Room]


Postby RJHollins » Sat, 2022-Jun-18, 22:44

ahh .... ok. Thanks Glenn.

Glenn ... in no way to be disrespectful to you and your knowledge, but I'm kinda wanting to leave this window open :ahh:

When I study the Sketchup, there is plenty of the window covered up with both the corner chunks and then the center broadband.

I know this room is no where near the dimensions nor structural layout to make it remotely 'world class' ...

Maybe its' the vertigo talking ... or the frustration of having to basically sit on my ass for the past 2+ years.

During that time, I've been heavy with headphone [VSX tech]. In that, I have multiple Control rooms, Mastering room, cars, etc. I understand
these are just simulations ... and no one is more surprised [i guess] than me about how the translation, and Client comments have been.
Yes ... I'm rather shock myself, as I typically despised headphones for anything other than checking panning. Let alone the very fact that every prior attempt at Mixing or Mastering in 'regular' phones turned out to be a sonic nightmare when played in speakers [yes... horrible].

I'm really thinking that treating this Den Room is more to allow a Client to come in and listen in a [rather] treated room. Not to say that I
can't do some pre-tweaking using monitors. Crazy as it might be, I am so familiar with my Auratones and NS10 that I can do important adjustment. Obviously the extreme ends need Mains, or as I've found, this headphone sim.

I feel lousy and disappointed to even think this way. Getting angry won't help at all. I know that :|

Went shopping today for some building supplies for this buildout, as well as for some new furniture and beds for the house. The guy helping me
at the furniture stores tells me HE has Vertigo ... going on 2 years. He said no body understands what He's going through, except for
those that have had it. So true. Feels like he's floating inside his body ... detached. Interesting that he's going to the same DENT Institute, and knows some of the Therapy places and the same Therapist.

I joked with him ... is this stuff contagious ! So many people I've met that had/have or someone they know.

Sorry for the longwind post ... I need to stay seated ... and the Hockey game looks to be a blow out :? I'm hoping for 7 games cause
nothing else on.

anyway ... trying to find some reasonable reality, and the most sensible course to go ... while I still have my hearing :|
ahhh ...

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Up All Nite Studio - 2022 [Control Room]


Postby gullfo » Sun, 2022-Jun-19, 11:52

no worries. these are just ideas freely shared. ultimately you need to make the decisions for your workflows and clients + living space. one option on the plug - because the photo looks a lot different than the window in the SU file you shared, is create a vertical window which is mainly centered for the room for light. if you do decide to treat the room, then at least part of the window is providing daylight. cheers!

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