Attic Shaped Studio

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Attic Shaped Studio


Postby endorka » Mon, 2024-May-20, 12:13

Cheers Glenn, yes, 70 Hz is almost certainly the ceiling. Confirmed by noting changes at that frequency when I move the mic up or down. The ceiling is woefully under treated at the moment so there's huge scope for improvement. I'm thinking something like 200mm deep low density insulation over the entire flat part of the ceiling. Perhaps using inside out modules so the visual aspect of the ceiling doesn't drop too much.

50Hz and multiples thereof are the width modes. Also very under treated. I've been pondering several options for those. One is the tuned membrane panel from the BBC paper in the early 90s. I think it's about 150mm deep and has a thin metal face. Apparently it'll tackle 50Hz. Another option is "Boggy" type absorber / diffusers at the back of the room (away from influence on the mixing position) to improve ambience when recording drums there.


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Attic Shaped Studio


Postby gullfo » Mon, 2024-May-20, 12:17

i don't suppose you have an accurate sketchup model of your room? :-) or detail measurements of it all on paper etc you could share with me. i have some basic treatments which may be something that can assist as well as the Boggy style diffuser units as dynamic components as we could experiment on what might work. i'm thinking you might benefit from my "twisted path" absorbers which use layers of MLV in the absorption packs to create longer air paths. these typically increase the overall path to boundary significantly without extensive depth or tuning.

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