Home Two-Channel Living Area—Really Odd Room

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Home Two-Channel Living Area—Really Odd Room


Postby jupiterboy » Thu, 2021-Apr-01, 17:37

I am at the point of wanting to move forward with some treatments. The issues are pretty clear, and I have worked with positioning many times over the years. I am waiting to get my mic calibrated, but it will be useful for fine tuning as the big issues are not difficult to pinpoint.

I don't have much space for treatment. The space I have is awkward and cramped. I have a 46 Hz (approx.) node that I believe to be a front/back interaction. I can confirm this using some basic room modeling for the right speaker only—isolating the room shape where the seating position is and simulating an absent left wall by indicating heavy treatment.

So have a look and help me understand what I might expect to accomplish with little space to treat. If I should try and attack the primary node with something like a Helmholtz resonator or just do general treatment. Or maybe I just take what I get and live with it. I am open to all ideas.

This is REW modeling using the primary space and only the right speaker. I'm isolating the front/back and floor/ceiling reactions.

REW Model Right ONLY.png

This is a pretty accurate rendering of the space. Note that I am pretty sold on filling in behind the couch with bass traps.


This is a REW frequency measurement with a variable filtering. Speaker drivers are right at 1/7th of the way into the room from the front wall.

Seventh Freq Var.jpg

A spectrogram of the same measurement and placement.

Seventh from Front (Spec).jpg

And a waterfall. I have about 45 dB or so of ventilation/street noise.

Seventh from Front.3.jpg

The actual room. I have noticed I can get an echo from the entry room and/or the stair. The walls are plaster. I can get a custom corner trap for the front right corner. I can get two custom traps behind the couch. There is some wall space directly behind the listening position. The plaster ceiling is going to be a last resort because I'm not a pro with patching and repairing plaster.


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